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KW03 series


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products Details

Range of application
All kinds of motors, power tools, electronic components transformers, ballasts, gluing machines, battery packs, solenoids, electric appliances, etc.
Product reviews
Automatic production
Rich wire links

The main advantage
Internal and external partition, safe and reliable
Stainless material, automatic riveting wire
Pay attention to details, see the little things
Automatic production, temperature control more accurate
Design principle
KW***℃1T03 (iron case) /KW***℃1B03 (plastic case) temperature protector, is a new type of patent product specially developed by Ainuo Technology. By strip high-ling sensitive bimetallic strip, spring strip strip, base strip strip, through automatic high-speed assembly equipment, the realization of the product from the constant temperature, assembly, temperature measurement, filling, riveting line strip production, good consistency of the product temperature characteristics accurate, rich wire links, vacuum dip resistance technology and other significant advantages.

Safety certification
UL&CUL: E258861 (UL2111 standard)
CQC: 10002045189 (GB14536.1-2008 standard; Motor Thermal protector (iron case)
(GB14536.1-2008 standard; Motor Thermal protector (plastic case)
ETL&CETL: 3191958 (UL873 standard)
TUV: 50176817
VDE: 40030067 (EN60730-1 standard; EN60730-2-2 standard)
KC: ZU02045-17001 (Plastic case K60730-1 standard; Iron case K60730-2-2 standard)
CB: CN35137 (IEC60730-2-2 standard)
Patent Number: ZL20150124726.6; ZL2015020053967.6



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