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Exhaust thermostat series


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products Details
Range of application
Used for air conditioning compressor exhaust pipe temperature control
Product reviews
KW exhaust temperature controller is a kind of bimetal piece with constant temperature as a sensitive element. When the temperature rises, the heat generated will be transferred to the bimetal piece. When it reaches the rated operating temperature, it will act quickly, making the contact disconnect and circuit cut off. When the temperature drops to the preset reset temperature setting value, the bimetal sheet makes rapid recovery, makes the contact close, and closes the circuit.
KW exhaust temperature controller including shell and base, terminal, the static contact component and the moving contact head components, pressure head and the heating plate, shell and base sealing connection, two terminal through the insulator seal fixed on the base, and its end extends to the external, static contact components including fixed conductive sheet, and the inside of the terminal connected to the conductive piece on the static contact and moving contact head components including thermal plate and the connection on the thermal plate, and the static contact with the corresponding dynamic contact, described in the hot plate welding on the base side side end, and across the across the dynamic and static contact, the other side of the side through insulators connected on the base, close to the insulator side, The heating plate is fixed on one side of the thermal sensitive plate, and the pressure head fixed on the inner side of the shell is provided with an insulator at the bottom, and the center line of the pressure head coincides with the center line of the dynamic and static contact.
Product advantage
Small size, easy to install;
Quick-acting bimetallic plate with fast reaction speed;
Life span up to 10,000 times;
Anti-vacuum dip paint technology;
The structure configuration

Safety certification
UL&CUL: E258861 (UL60730 standard)
CQC: 10002045189
TUV: 501768170001
VDE: 40030067 (EN60730-1 standard; EN60730-2-2 standard)
CB: CN35137-M1 (IEC60730-2-2 standard)
De2-021471 (IEC60730-2-9 standard)
Technical parameters
Product size: Temperature sensing head 34*10.7*7.9mm
Contact capacity: 6A/250V AC
Normal electrical strength: AC 1500V 50/60Hz duration 1min, no breakdown, no flashover
Operation temperature: 30~160℃(one specification for every 5℃)
Operating temperature tolerance: ±3℃, ±5℃
Contact form: normally open, normally closed
Normal contact resistance: 50 m or less Ω
Insulation resistance: 100 m Ω or higher
Life: ≥10000 times
Lead wire: according to customer's requirement
Outer case: copper case, sealed with epoxy glue
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