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KW5T series button type heat protector


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products Details
Product features
Small size, easy to install
The current effect is small and the temperature difference will not be large due to overcurrent
Accurate and reliable temperature control
Product reviews
KW5T series button shape jump type thermal protector, temperature protector of metal shell, is a miniature product developed by our company
Motor heat protector/circuit breaker
No flash, accurate operating temperature
A small thermal protector with a metal case
Stable, reliable and long service life can be achieved by non-current-carrying device design

Range of application
This product is designed for all types of motors, power tools, motors, transformers, ballasts, battery packs, glue breakers, solenoids, coils, electric appliances, etc. It can be used as self-reset thermal circuit breakers (type 2B), motor thermal protectors (type 3C) and ballast thermal protectors.
Reference for number naming

Design principle
KW5T series button shape jump type thermal protector is a small bimetal piece temperature controller, using the strip bimetal piece under the action of temperature to produce the principle of instant jump, through the role of the mechanism, so that the contact quickly action, to disconnect or connect the circuit purpose.
The structure design is simple, by the strip high sensitive bimetallic element, elastic sheet, contact, brass washer, cover plate and so on composition. The silver contact welded to the elastic sheet is placed on the bottom housing, and the bimetallic plate and brass washer are placed on the bimetallic plate. When the bimetallic plate is within the temperature range, the moving contact and the static contact on the cover plate are closed, and the circuit is conducted. When the electric appliance is heated for some reason and the temperature rises to the rated operating temperature of the product, the bimetallic element will be heated and produce internal stress and act quickly. The pressure will make the elastic sheet deform and cause the contact to be disconnected, the power will be cut off and the electric appliance will stop working, thus playing the role of overheat protection. When the temperature of the protected electric appliance drops to the rated reset temperature value of the product, the bimetallic element will return to the initial original state and the moving contact and the static contact will close, and the electric appliance will resume working.
The protection function of the product can be divided into two types: normally open type and normally closed type, namely, conducting circuit and disconnecting circuit when the temperature reaches the design value.
Due to the use of metal shell, the protector has a stronger mechanical strength, can be covered with an insulating sheath, insulation measures with the metal parts of the motor. Since the trip time of cutting off the power depends on the working temperature of the protector, the temperature level should be correctly selected. The model that best matches the motor can be selected by referring to the performance curve.
Electrical specifications
250 v AC 3 a; 125 v AC 6 a; 24V DC 6A
Overall dimensions

Characteristic curve
The approximation is only used to select the sample for the certification test

These curves are used only to provide guidance when selecting protectors for a particular application. Other factors should be considered when selecting a protector, such as the distance from the heat source and the method of installation. Final trip time depends on terminal configuration and installation conditions.



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