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Provides a higher level of protection for flexible use of devices with rotating parts
 ensure integration through UL18 locked-rotor test of large current
 ensure to provide the most powerful protection locked-rotor conditions
 PTC self sustaining fever, power reset
 casing seal, flexible installation

Design principle
17 amt + 17 amt type PTC temperature/current protector is a current temperature double protection derived products, on the basis of 17 amt set the PTC, the heating element and protector contact form parallel circuit, after the protector has accused of separation, since the constant temperature PTC poles get voltage type of fever, makes the internal temperature conduction to the bimetallic strip, the contact must be kept in separate, equipment in a stop state for a long time, waiting for the exclusion of equipment failure or cut off power supply. After the power is cut off, the PTC will stop heating. After a certain period of cooling, the 17AMT can be automatically reset and the equipment will return to its normal state. Therefore, 17AMT+PTC also has power off protection and delay protection functions to achieve the function of manual reset, and its protection function is more reliable and complete. In addition, when the manual reset product is abnormal in the use of the user's electrical appliances in the first time, the motor is blocked or the temperature rises to make the protector act. The protector can be locked once and no power will be generated, and there will be no harm to the human body caused by the second automatic reset operation of the electrical appliances.
Technical characteristics
Contact capacity: 125V AC 50A for TCO
250V AC 30A for TCO
Temperature range: 40℃ to 180℃ for TCO
Disconnect temperature tolerance: ±3℃, ±5℃, ±7℃, ±10℃ can be customized according to customer requirements
Automatic action: the motor is of 3C type
The ballast is of type 2C
TCO is of type 2B
Working hours: work continuously
Pollution status: routine
Sensor range: full control
Insulation material PTI: 250
Protection level: IP00
Electrical connection: on winding, insert type, clamp type, bracket type, adhesive type, etc
Range of application
Widely used in series motor, grinder, mixer, cleaner, cleaner, air compressor, garden tools, power tools, water pump, all kinds of rotating parts of the equipment.
Safety certification
UL&CUL: E258861 (UL2111 standard); E347255 (UL873&UL60730-1&UL60730-2-9)
CQC: 10002045187 (GB14536.1-2008; Gb14536.3-2008) Motor thermal protector
10002045187 (GB14536.10-2008) multi-purpose temperature sensitive controller
10002048854 (GB14536.1-2008; Gb14536.4-2008) ballast thermal protector
TUV: 50178359 (EN60730-1 standard, EN60730-2-9 standard)
VDE: 40030705 (EN60730-1 standard; EN60730-2-2 standard)
CB: CN33917 (IEC60730-2-2 standard)
Temperature specifications
Operating temperature: 40~180 ° C ±5 ° C, one gear per 5 ° C, for a temperature specification.
Reset temperature: Under the environment of 25℃, the thermal protector will not reset automatically after jumping and without power off. Automatic reset will be realized after power off and a delay of 20-30 seconds.
Shape structure

Reference for number naming

Characteristic curve
The approximation is only used to select the sample for the certification test

These curves are used only to provide guidance when selecting protectors for a particular application. Other factors should be considered when selecting a protector, such as the distance from the heat source and the method of installation. Final trip time depends on terminal configuration and installation conditions.



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