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17AMH thermostat


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products Details

Range of application
Electric blanket
 electric heating pad
 medical heat pad
 care equipment
 the shoes dryer
 insulation small home appliance such as electrical appliances
Product reviews
Constant temperature control
Constant temperature and overheat protection integrated
Flexible installation
The main advantage
Reasons for choosing Ainuo Technology thermostat Controller:
All passed temperature calibration and inspection
AE slow moving metal sheet ensures reliable on/off action
Maintain the stability of temperature and constant temperature performance throughout the service life
Gold-plated contacts can be selected according to customer requirements
Abundant lead with choice of insulated bushing
Type A of one end of the outlet terminal or type B of both ends of the outlet terminal is available
Can provide wiring terminal processing or reconnect fuse according to customer's request
Design principle
17 amh in aino technology proprietary technology developed by a constant temperature controller, its main feature is the heat can quickly reset when the power is cut off, keep the appliance in a constant temperature, its using bimetallic strip control the temperature of the switch/overheat protector internal optional for gold plated contacts of low resistance circuit, the design of the contact is gradually open gradually close, will not produce a significant temperature difference, can maintain a constant temperature thermostat control design and the shapes of small size, suitable for use in electric blanket, heating pad and needs constant temperature function of all kinds of small home appliance.
Technical characteristics
Contact capacity: AC120 V/5A
DC 24 V/3A
Temperature specifications
Service temperature range: 40℃-180℃, every 5℃ is a specification, operation temperature precision ±3℃, ±5℃.
Reset temperature: 1℃, 3℃, 5℃ and other temperature differences are available for customers to choose.
Can withstand 100,000 durable life.
Product features
Use bimetallic materials with good conductivity and all-silver gold-plated contacts to ensure that they can withstand the normal loop current and can be used for low voltage current requirements;
The contact is designed to open and close gradually, which will not produce a significant temperature difference and can maintain a constant temperature.
The temperature is pre-set before leaving the factory for the control of a single temperature range;
The terminals can be connected directly. The metal shell is overcurrent and can be applied with casing insulation.
Optional: Type A structure with one end of outlet terminal or Type B structure with two ends of outlet terminal;
We can provide wiring processing or fuse on customer's request.
Safety certification
UL&CUL: : E347255 (UL60730-2-9 standard)
CQC: 10002045187 (GB14536.10-2008 standard)
TUV: 50178359 (EN60730-2-9 standard)
CB: CN43597 (IEC60730-2-9 standard)
Overall dimensions

Reference for number naming


Characteristic curve

These curves are used only to provide guidance when selecting protectors for a particular application. Other factors should be considered when selecting a protector, such as the distance from the heat source and the method of installation. Final trip time depends on terminal configuration and installation conditions.



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