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3MP+PTC self-sustaining motor protector


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products Details

Product reviews
Provides a higher level of protection for flexible use of devices with rotating parts
Be sure to pass the UL18 day integrated high current blocking test
Low cost transformer protection solution
PTC self-heating, power - off reset
Casing seal for flexible installation
Temperature specifications
Operating temperature: 40~180 ° C ±5 ° C, one gear per 5 ° C, for a temperature specification.
Reset temperature: Under the environment of 25℃, the thermal protector will not reset automatically after jumping and without power off. Automatic reset will be realized after power off and a delay of 20-30 seconds.
Range of application
Widely used in transformers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws, edging machines, lawn mowers, pumps and other 120V AC and 250V AC home appliances and industrial electronic motors.
Design principle
The core of the 3MP+PTC self-holding protector is composed of a pre-calibrated jump bimetal disc, which is welded to the metal shell and integrated with the terminal. The housing is covered with a sheet on which resistance wires are welded to improve the current sensitivity of the device. The PTC sheet is mounted on the top of the metal case with clamps to meet self-maintenance requirements. A variety of standard terminal connection configurations with selected materials make the product easy to operate and install. Terminal connection configuration can be customized according to user requirements. A conductor with a connector can be easily connected to a standard compression terminal. A variety of standard wire configurations are available, and users can customize them as needed.
The operating principle of the 3MP+PTC self-sustaining device is simple and effective. The action of the protector depends on the current passing through the protector and the temperature of the surrounding environment. When the disc reaches the preset temperature, the circuit is cut off. Due to the thermostatic heating of PTC, the temperature of the bimetal disc will not drop to the closing temperature. The contacts remain disconnected until the user turns off the device, ensuring greater security. After the device is turned off, the whole device temperature drops to a safe value, and the contact automatically resets. A bimetallic disc is sensitive to temperature and current under overload. The combination of resistance heating wires and bimetal discs provides extremely accurate trip times for maximum protection in case of stalling.
Safety certification
UL&CUL: E258861 (UL2111 standard)
CQC: 16002141391 (GB14536.1-2008 standard; Gb14536.3-2008 standard) motor thermal protector
TUV: 50380206 (EN60730-1 standard; EN60730-2-2 standard)
CB: CN36751 (IEC60730-2-2)
Overall dimensions


Characteristic curve
Curves are used only to provide guidance when selecting protectors for a particular application. Other factors should be considered when selecting a protector, such as the distance from the heat source and the method of installation. Final trip time depends on terminal configuration and installation conditions.

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