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6AP car motor protector


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products Details

Design and operation principle
The 6AP is produced by fully automated equipment and can be customized to meet the needs of today's automotive industry. The compact 6AP metal case is integrated with terminals to accommodate a pre-calibrated Aino jump bimetal disc.
Product reviews
Motor temperature protection that responds to both current and temperature
Multiple standard terminal connection configurations
The terminal material can be welded without fault, and the tin-plated variant terminals can be welded in wave grooves
Flexible customer design to allow customers to print their own part number and color code on the product
The variation in the resistivity of the bimetallic material and the S-shaped conductor enables the optimal current timing characteristics for each specified application
The unique combination of bimetal disc and resistance heating wire ensures very accurate trip time to prevent motor overheating
Ainuo Technology Lab provides protection selection and application testing services, and can provide test reports on request
The main advantage
S - shaped resistance heating wire is provided on the separation base plate to increase sensitivity to current. The advanced contact system (one contact on each bimetal disc and one on the bottom plate) works with solid discs to ensure longer service life and greater reliability. The principle of 6AP is simple and efficient. The protector is triggered by the current passing through the protector and the ambient temperature. When the disc reaches its preset temperature, the circuit disconnects. When the device temperature drops to the safe temperature, the contact automatically resets. Each 6AP temperature rating corresponds to a bimetallic disc produced specifically for that rating. The disconnect temperature is calibrated and checked for each unit. This enables the product to achieve the best and most stable performance throughout its life.
Range of application
Aino Technologies' 6AP solution works well in all temperature and current conditions, with stable performance and excellent reliability. The 6AP works as a sensitive current interrupter and is widely used in power Windows, seat regulator motors, wipers, door locks and a variety of other applications. A family of protectors supports a wide range of applications, with the flexibility to tailor specific specifications to specific requirements in most applications.
Overall dimensions

Electrical specifications


The rated voltage


Design range of current trip value


Tripping time

3S ~10s or customized according to customer requirements

Characteristic curve

These curves are used only to provide guidance when selecting protectors for a particular application. Other factors should be considered when selecting a protector, such as the distance from the heat source and the method of installation. Final trip time depends on terminal configuration and installation conditions.
Safety certification
UL&CUL: E258861
CQC: 16002141391 (GB14536.3-2008 standard; Gb14536.1-2008 standard) motor thermal protector
TUV: 50380206 (EN60730-1, EN60730-2-9)
CB: CN36751



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