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AET300 small package series protector for vehicle use


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AET300 compact package series circuit breakers from Aino Technologies are available for wire harness protection in 12V DC vehicle applications. The AET300 is ideal for instantaneous overload protection. The special design of the device can be used to replace the fuse. The AET300 can be installed in the location of the small fuse. The series of bimetal disc circuit breakers are very sensitive to overcurrent and overtemperature failures.
The product is a gray shell with high temperature resistant plastic shell design. It is a precise protective element with overtemperature protection function and precise control of current overload, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by excessive temperature and current of (motor, transformer, etc.).
Product features
Long service life and strong reliability
It can be well protected against overload, block or short circuit overcurrent
According to customer requirements, the overload jump current value can be set, up to 30A
Very precise trip time (4~10s) to prevent motor temperature from getting too high
Parts are strictly in accordance with European ROHS environmental standards
There are many kinds of terminals for flexible choice
Range of application
Window motor, sunroof motor, seat motor
Wiper engine, sliding door engine, regulator engine
Overcurrent protection of stroller motor, circuit board, etc
Technical parameters
A variety of bimetal disk resistivity
Operating temperature range: 40 ° C ~180 ° C, one specification for every 5 ° C. Any temperature within the range can be provided according to customer requirements
Select control overload current trip range: 1A~30A
Temperature tolerance: ±3℃, ±5℃, ±7℃, ±10℃ or customized according to customer requirements
Trip time: 4S ~10s or customized according to customer requirements
Metal-clad construction
Compact design for easy installation and positioning
Prevent misuse and contamination of contact surfaces
Meet the requirements of ultra long life cycle applications
Electrical specifications
1~30amps/15 volts DC
1~15amps/30 volts DC

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