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Electrical component symbol explanation
Many friends are not very clear about the symbols of electrical components. In or
Temperature switch working principle and
The temperature switch is a switch that determines the on/off according to the te
Three control states of the temperature c
First, the vapor pressure type temperature control switch The action of the bello

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Electrical component symbol explanation
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Many friends are not very clear about the symbols of electrical components. In order to facilitate everyone's understanding, we will share with you the symbols of electrical components today. I hope to help you better understand the electrical component symbols.
1. Ammeter PA voltmeter PV active energy meter PJ reactive energy meter PJR frequency meter PF phase meter PPA maximum demand meter (load monitor) PM power factor meter PPF active power meter PW reactive power meter PR reactive current meter PAR.
2. Acoustic signal HA optical signal HS indicator HL Red light HR Green light HG Yellow light HY Blue light HB White light HW.
3. Connection piece XB plug XP socket XS terminal board XT wire, cable, busbar W DC bus WB plug-in (feed) busbar WIB power branch line WP lighting branch line WL emergency lighting branch line WE power trunk WPM lighting trunk WLM emergency Lighting mains WEM sliding line WT closing small bus WCL control small bus WC signal small bus WS flash small bus WF accident sound small bus WFS notice sound small bus WPS voltage small bus WV accident lighting small bus WELM.
4. Arrester F Fuse FU Fast Fuse FTF Drop Fuse FF Voltage Limit Protection Device FV Capacitor C Power Capacitor.
5.CE Forward button SBF Reverse button SBR Stop button SBS Emergency button SBE Test button SBT Reset button SR Limit switch SQ Proximity switch SQP Manual control switch SH Time control switch SK Level control switch SL Humidity control switch SM Pressure control switch SP speed control switch SS temperature control switch, auxiliary switch ST voltmeter switch SV ammeter switch SA.
6. Rectifier U SCR Rectifier UR Control Circuit Rectifier with Power Supply VC Inverter UF Converter UC Inverter UI.
7. Motor M Asynchronous motor MA Synchronous motor MS DC motor MD Wound rotor induction motor MW squirrel cage motor MC.
8. Electric valve YM solenoid valve YV fire valve YF exhaust valve YS electromagnetic lock YL trip coil YT closing coil YC pneumatic actuator YPA, YA electric actuator YE.
9. Heating device (electric heating) FH lighting (lighting device) EL air conditioner EV electric heater heating element EE induction coil, reactor L excitation coil LF arc suppression coil LA filter capacitor LL resistor, rheostat R potentiometer RP Thermistor RT Photosensitive Resistor RL Varistor RPS Grounding Resistor RG Discharge Resistor RD Start Resistor RS Frequency Sensitive Varistor RF Current Limiting Resistor RC.
10. Photocell, pyroelectric sensor B Pressure transducer BP temperature converter BT speed converter BV time measuring sensor BT1, BK level measuring sensor BL temperature measuring sensor BH, BM.

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