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 Ainuo Electronics Quality Management System(AEQMS)

According to ISO9001: 2015, Ainuo Electronics runs an integrated modern quality management system, which consists of 3 parts - total management system, procedure guarantee system and examination systems. AEQMS includes 28 items that brings up a comprehensive and detailed quality management institution. By AEQMS, we developed product-on-line procedure quality control method, brought up sample approval system and supplier management system. We make full use of 4M changement management. Any changes of staff, machines, tools, materials, environment, tests are monitored and on control. We integrates various QC methods as well as mathematical statistical methods to monitor, forecast quality tendency, so as to make any necessary adjustments. All departments of AE set out their QC group, trying to find possible problems and then eliminate defects, and are all engaged in quality improving to make better product.

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No. 80-2, Zhenxing Road, Anjia, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City
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