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Electrical component symbol explanation
Many friends are not very clear about the symbols of electrical components. In or
Temperature switch working principle and
The temperature switch is a switch that determines the on/off according to the te
Three control states of the temperature c
First, the vapor pressure type temperature control switch The action of the bello

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Ainuo electronic ten value criterion
One , our dream: to become leading manufacturers in the temperature control products’line in this world.
Two, our mission: to help employees to achieve their dream; to help enterprises to create value;
to help the national harmony and prosperity.
Three, our enterprise spirit: in fledgling road, keep good faith.
Four, our management : keep integrity and innovation。
Five , our style: serious ,fast ,commitments
Six , our state: to struggle with sunshine and happy mood. Hardworking.
Seven, our belief: we will do our job all the time until reach the end of our life.
Eight, our market concept: brand and quality occupy market Using innovation to win market.
Consolidate the market with services.
Nine : our service philosophy: service the customers in heart to heart way.
Ten : our motto: happy to work ,bring happy to family, create social value and pay back society.n

First, the temperature control is the main diversification.
Second, establish the status of the top three in the industry.
Third, adhere to science and technology is the primary productive force.
Fourth, speak with numbers and lead with results.
Fifth, do not fight the price war, win with value.
Sixth, heart and heart service, so that the world's users are very satisfied.
Seven, the staff is water, the enterprise is fish, and the customer is the boss.
Eight, continue to learn, surpass yourself, learn and use, speed to win.
Nine. Highly democratic concentration, and firmly adhere to the road of enterprise innovation and development.
Ten, make friends in the world, thank the world today, and harmony the whole society.

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No. 80-2, Zhenxing Road, Anjia, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City
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