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Electrical component symbol explanation
Many friends are not very clear about the symbols of electrical components. In or
Temperature switch working principle and
The temperature switch is a switch that determines the on/off according to the te
Three control states of the temperature c
First, the vapor pressure type temperature control switch The action of the bello

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Changzhou Ainuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
TEL:0519-85975897 69880288 69880588
Q Q:381031500
ADD:No. 80-2, Zhenxing Road, Anjia, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City
Changzhou Ainuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou High-tech Development Zone, south of G42 (Hurong Expressway) Xuejia exit, west of S39 Expressway Chunjiang entrance, north of S122 provincial highway, 10km from Changzhou airport, convenient transportation.
Since 2000, the company has specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of KW series, KW-E series, 17AM/6AP/3MP series, MW, MC series temperature protectors, ultrasonic beauty devices, atomizers, semiconductor heaters, semiconductor coolers, etc. Electronic products. Products are widely used in household appliances, computers, electrical equipment, HVAC and air conditioning equipment, industrial equipment, transportation tools, health massage equipment, body beauty equipment. Products have obtained CQC, UL & CUL, ETL & CETL, VDE, TUV, CE, CB, CSA and other safety certifications, and meet the EU, the United States, China and other countries and regions ROHS, REACH and other environmental requirements.
The company will follow the business philosophy of "integrity, persistence, innovation, gratitude". According to industrial modernization standards, the use of ERP, OA, MES and other management software to establish a new era of management system, committed to domestic and international market services. We are willing to rely on the belief, courage and talents of Aino people to make progress and work together with all customers, business partners and employees to build a distinctive future.

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No. 80-2, Zhenxing Road, Anjia, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City
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